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Apply our pre-cut Unity "Skatecro"grip tape to your board. For boards that have truck-to-truck distances of 19" or more, feel free to apply said Skatecro to the bottom of your deck. For the crafty users, feel free to check out our DIY Skatecro, to cut/create your own grip tape cutout. 

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Literally stick your board directly onto your backpack! Our backpack is designed to hold boards of all shapes and sizes up to 12lbs. We've tested this on long boards, lightweight electric boards and many more! How would you stick it?!

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Attachable Lunch boxes with designs

Unity AttachPacks™ are fun and creative kid's backpacks with attachable lunch boxes and interchangeable designs. Our application is designed to hold heavy lunch boxes as well as printing customized designs onto interchangeable patches! These convenient and trendy backpacks will be available this holiday season.